5 Reasons to buy the Fujfilm XT4

5 reasons to buy the Fujifilm XT4

Olympus’ recent announcement that they were selling their camera business gave me the final push (which I’d been considering anyway) to sell off the last of my Micro 43 gear and switch to one system.

I am planning to get back to much more photography than I have been able to over the last few years now that my daughter is growing up.

As you probably know I have the chance to test out all the latest gear quite regularly from all the main manufacturers.

In the end I made the move to Fuji. I have been a Fuji user on and off since 2013 with the X-Pro1 and have used all their models since. However the XT4 has finally banished any last remaining issue that I had with the Fuji XT3.

The inclusion of IBIS was a big one for me as well as a few other important upgrades that I go through in my latest Youtube video.

Speaking of Youtube, now that I have more free time I will be dedicating quite a lot of it this year to producing content on there. Not only will I include reviews of all the current kit that I am using but I will also delve more into the how and why of photography, take trips (once this pandemic finally leaves us) and vlog about my various phtoographic exploits. I hope you will join me there.