10 Photographers to Follow on Facebook

top photographers to follow on facebook

10 Photographers To Follow On Facebook

Photographers Worthy of Your Follow On Facebook

There are many phenomenal photographers to follow on Facebook throughout the world that deserve recognition. This list includes 10 of those photographers that post amazing work on Facebook for followers to enjoy. Included are fine-art photographers, wildlife photographers and many more.

10 photographers to follow on facebook

1. Simone Bramante

Simone Bramante is based in Italy and works in six continents. Simone’s work has been published on Vogue US, Forbes, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Repubblica, Wired. With over 6,000 Facebook followers and 750,000 Instagram followers, he has become known as ‘Brahmino’ and also the first Italian photographer on Instagram. Brahmino’s work is very crisp, genuine and conveys a refreshing message. His work focuses on storytelling, portraiture and travel. Simon Bramante’s work is stimulating and certain not to bore photography enthusiasts.

10 photographers to follow on facebook

2. Ginger Unzueta Photography


As she quotes on her Facebook page, “There is beauty to be found every day.” This quote describes the way in which she photographs her surroundings perfectly. Ginger Unzueta is a very devoted to her family, her faith and in addition to her passion for photography, is a homeschooling mother of three. She teaches a workshop focused on lifestyle photography and mentors other photographers. She captures everyday activities in the most magnificent way. Ginger portrays the simple things in life through her photography in a way that is appealing and exciting. Ginger Unzueta’s work has been featured on the Huffington Post, BabyCenter.com, Daily Mail and several blogs.

top 10 photographers to follow on facebook

3. Dean Bradshaw

Dean Bradshaw has a very distinct style that is evident through his work. He is an advertising photographer and director based in Los Angeles, California. His portfolio features spectacular portraiture, motorcycle photography, athletes, and much more. Dean Bradshaw thrives on narrative and is attracted to the ‘why’ of things. He has worked on National Geographic campaigns and his work has been featured on ABC. Dean Bradshaw’s work is very colorful, some of it comical, but overall very deep and interesting.

10 best photographers on facebook

4. Terje Sorgjerd Photography (TSO Photography)

Terje Sorgjerd primarily goes by “TSO Photography” and is an incredible landscape photographer from Norway. His work is breathtaking, to say the least. His work has been featured on many news outlets, including but not limited to: Discovery Channel, CNN, Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Weather Channel, Washington Post, Good Morning America and The Guardian. Terje Sorgjerd is also recognized for the following time-lapse movies: “The Aurora,” “The Arctic Light” and “The Mountain.” TSO’s work has a surreal and overpowering feel to it. This artist is definitely worth adding to your list of “likes.”

10 photographers to follow on facebook

5. Mikko Lagerstedt

Mikko Lagerstedt is a fine-art photographer out of Finland. With over 900,000 followers, he is quite the artist. He especially enjoys atmospheric and night photography, with an emphasis on simplistic landscapes. While most of his work is dark, it is at the same time far from gloomy. His work has been featured on Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, BBC, Business Insider, Nikon, The Telegraph and much more. Mikko has won multiple awards and even offers tutorials to viewers on his website.

6. Kirsty Mitchell Photography

Kirsty Mitchell is a British fine art photograper. Her work is very well recognized and captivating. She has won multiple upscale photography awards and has over 300,000 Facebook followers. She began studying photography, fine art and the history of art at 16 years old. Kirsty’s works have been published on Harper’s Bazaar, The Royal Photographic Society and Vogue Italia. You can see the level of work that goes into her art. It is very inviting and detailed. Nikon is noted on her website as her ambassador of fine art photography.

jody miller facebook photographer

7. Jody Miller

Jody Miller is an award-winning fine art photographer. Her work is phenomenal. In addition to multiple exhibitions and awards, her photography has been featured on Huffington Post, Washington Post, Coastal Living Magazine, and much more. While she does not have an official Facebook page for her photography, you can follower her, as she makes her work public on her page and it is splendid! Jody is a photographer you must check out!

top photographers to follow on facebook

8. David Guttenfelder

If you are looking for intense and amazing photography, look no further. David Guttenfelder is a world-renowned photographer. He is currently a “National Geographic Photography Fellow focusing on geopolitical conflict, conservation and culture,” as mentioned on his website. Prior to this he worked for the Associated Press for 20 years. David Guttenfelder has also worked for TIME, New York Times and Newsweek. In addition to many awards, he is a eight-time World Press Photo Award winner and finalist seven times for the Pulitzer Prize. His work is exhibited in various locations all over the world. He posts very interesting photos that often include a story.

10 photographers to follow on facebook

9. Suzie Esterhas

Award-winning wildlife photographer Suzie Esterhas is most-definitely worthy of a follow on Facebook. Her heartwarming images of all types of creatures will brighten your day. Her work has been featured on Popular Photography, Smithsonian, TIME, BBC Wildlife, GEO, Popular Photography, and National Geographic Kids. Suzie is based out of California and is known for capturing newborn animals and family lives of endangered species. She posts a lot of good photos on her Facebook page regularly.

best facebook potographers

10. Shannon Leigh

Shannon Leigh is a famous newborn and child photographer based out of Georgia. Her work is amazing! She has been recognized by Top Ten Magazine, Model Life, Chic Magazine and Mozi Magazine. Her work is very uplifting and precious. If you like babies, you will love Shannon Leigh!

I hope you find some of the artists work as inspiring as I do. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook to keep up with what I’m doing next.
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