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A dog is for life not just for Christmas

Yesterday, December 27th I was happily going about my business doing a little work and trying to relax after over-indulging on Christmas day when my partner called me over to her outside the front of our house. I wrongly asumed that she wanted me to help to carry the shopping in. However as I walked towards her there was no shopping and she continued to beckon me over. I really wasn’t ready for what she was about to show me. As I peered over the side of the road in to the boggy filthy field I heard a chorus...

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Nikon D7200 vs Fuji XT2 and Olympus Pen F Shooting a Wedding

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to have several cameras to work with including the Olympus Pen F which I reviewed here  The Fuji XT2 Review here  and the Nikon D7200 Review Here  I’ve been testing them out for a while now shooting portraits, street photography and a few landscapes too. This weekend I was asked to photograph a wedding here in the Philippines and I thought it would be a great chance to test these three cameras against each other in a fast paced, unforgiving environment. Now I’m not a professional wedding shooter. I’ve shot landscapes, portraits and commercial...

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10 Photographers to Follow on Facebook

10 Photographers To Follow On Facebook Photographers Worthy of Your Follow On Facebook There are many phenomenal photographers to follow on Facebook throughout the world that deserve recognition. This list includes 10 of those photographers that post amazing work on Facebook for followers to enjoy. Included are fine-art photographers, wildlife photographers and many more. 1. Simone Bramante Simone Bramante is based in Italy and works in six continents. Simone’s work has been published on Vogue US, Forbes, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Repubblica, Wired. With over 6,000 Facebook followers and 750,000 Instagram followers, he has become known as...

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Latest News

Hi Everyone,   It’s been over a week since my last post mostly thanks to the fact that I am incredibly busy at the moment. I am getting married in January and the paperwork required here in the Philippines is very time-consuming to arrange and obtain. I am also in the process of sorting out visas for my wife and daughter so that we can return to the UK next year. Therefore I have been spending a huge amount of time discussing everything with lawyers, accountants and every other official I can think of to get everything prepared properly....

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Top 7 most influential Photographers

Top 7 Most Influential People In Photography Who are the seven most influential people in photography? The experts don’t seem to agree. Nevertheless, once you examine various sources, a pattern slowly develops. One thing is certain, if you wish to take great photographs then you have to study the work of famous, influential photographers. “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” –German photojournalist Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898-1995) While some of the greatest photographers are now no longer with us, many remain who never fail to fascinate us with their photos. Having said that, here...

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