Fuji XT2 Review coming soon

Fuji XT2 Review coming soon

UPDATE: My full Fuji XT2 review is here.

Anyone who knows me will know that I have been a long time Fuji X user going way back to the X-Pro1.

I’ve shot the X-Pro1, X-E2, X100T, X-T1 and more as well as most of the Fuji X lenses.

If you saw my Fuji X-T1 vs Olympus OM-D E-M1 video from a while back you will know that I chose the EM1 over the XT1 as my travel camera.

A lot of people took that video in the wrong way. They thought I was going out of my way to criticise Fuji but I was just being honest about some of the flaws the XT1 had. Even so it was a fantastic camera but the auto focus still wasn’t quite where it needed to be and there were a few handling issues that bugged me.

The Olympus just felt better and I said so.

Now the Fuji XT2 has been out for a little while I’m selling off a bunch of cameras so that I can get one in for testing.

I’m excited to see just what improvements Fuji have made to the XT2 and whether it is now mature enough to be my main camera.

I have always liked Fuji’s philosophy with external dials and of course the image quality.

The lens lineup is now very well filled
out and so it might just be time to take another look at the system.

The new 24mp sensor promises a decent bump in image quality although that was never an issue with Fuji for me.
Hopefully the auto focus is all it is cracked up to be and Fuji have listened to photographers and built a great camera.

The XT2 should be arriving this week amd I’ll post up my first impressions after a few days with it.

Do any of you already have the XT2? How are you finding it?

Enjoy your weekend.

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