Month: November 2016

Top 7 most influential Photographers

Top 7 Most Influential People In Photography Who are the seven most influential people in photography? The experts don’t seem to agree. Nevertheless, once you examine various sources, a pattern slowly develops. One thing is certain, if you wish to take great photographs then you have to study the work of famous, influential photographers. “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” –German photojournalist Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898-1995) While some of the greatest photographers are now no longer with us, many remain who never fail to fascinate us with their photos. Having said that, here...

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Fuji XT2 Review – Fuji Comes of Age

Fuji XT2 review   I must admit that I was quite excited for this Fuji XT2 review. Partly that was down to my love hate relationship with the XT1. That was a camera I loved the concept of and indeed it had many great features such as external dials for aperture, shutter speed and ISO, a huge viewfinder and great image quality. However there were a few aspects that made me begrudgingly sell it. The focus still wasn’t quite as good as it needed to be and other cameras offered more features at that time. See my XT1 vs Olympus...

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5 Best Landscape Photographers in the World

How do you make it on to our list of the 5 best landscape photographers in the World? Well below I shall go through my picks for the 5 best landscape photographers in the World based on the quality of their work first and foremost. We also take into account how influential they are in the genre and industry. You might not agree with my picks, that’s fine as I’d love to hear who you would place on your list of the 5 best landscape photographers in the World. I worked solely as a landscape photographer in the UK for a...

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Know Your Value as a Photographer

Why It’s Important to Know Your Value When you want to convince people of the value of your services, you have to first know your own value. Customers have many choices when it comes to photographers. Prices can vary a great deal, whether someone wants a wedding photographer, shots for a resume or glamorous shots for modeling jobs. Value is conveyed in many ways, such as the way you present yourself, the quality of your work and the prices you charge. When setting your prices, you could be making the mistake of pricing yourself so low that others don’t...

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How to make money from Photography

How to make money from Photography If you are like I was when I started out and you are wondering how to make money from photography then keep reading because below I will go through some of the best ways to start earning some money with your photos and skills. Making money from photography is a dream that a lot of us have at one point or another. We dream to be able to ditch the day job and make money doing something that we love. Imagine how great it would be to be able to spend more time...

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