Month: June 2016

Fuji X100T Image Quality

Image and Video quality The 16mp X-Trans sensor remains unchanged from that in the X100s and the same one as found in all the recent (not the new 24mp sensor found in the X-PRO2) high end X-series cameras like the XT-1 and XE-2. The Fuji X100T image quality continues to impress although the competition has now moved on to 20mp+ as the norm so the X-Trans sensor is starting to lag behind a little bit in terms of resolution.   The Fuji X-Trans sensor combined with the f/2 lens on the X100T are giving plenty of detail in images....

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Fuji X100T Review- Conclusion

Fuji X100T Review conclusion   Having used the Fuji X100T for nearly 2 years we are well placed to give a real world opinion on what it is like to use day in and day out. We have traveled with it all over the World and in that time have really put it through its paces. The Fuji X100T is aimed quite clearly at photographers who enjoy the simplicity of photography but don’t want to compromise on image quality. In this respect it it is a very good camera. We like the design and look of the X100T. Using...

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Canon 7D MK II Review

We have been testing out the new Canon 7d Mark 2 for a few weeks now to put it through its paces and to see if it lives up to the 7D name. The things that interest us most on this new camera are the new 65 point auto-focus system which is borrowed from the top of the range Canon 1DX and how the camera performs at high ISO settings. The original Canon 7D is a bit long in the tooth now and a lot of photographers find that they are limited to using ISO 400 or below to...

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Sony A7Mk Quick Review

We recently put the new Sony A7 mk II through its paces to see what it was capable of and if this is the perfect mirrorless camera. There is no doubt that Sony is storming the mirrorless world in the last year with its A series of mirrorless cameras. We have the megapixel monster the A7R, the general use A7 and the low light performer A7S. Now only a year after the first round of releases Sony has updated the A7 with the new A7 mk II. So what’s new?  Well the headline feature and the one we want...

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