Month: June 2016

Hasselblad X1D Announced.

Mirrorless medium format is here For some time now Fuji photographers in particular have been wondering if a mirrorless medium format camera was coming to us. We ll it looks like Hasselblad have stolen Fuji’s thunder having just announced the 50mp medium format Hasselblad X1D. Featuring the same 43.8×32.9mm sensor that is used in the 50c backs for the H6D but with new processing allowing for up to 25600 ISo which is extremely high for medium format. One of the other main features that we are excited about is the flash sync speed of up to 1/2000. The new...

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Canon 80D Review- Conclusion

Having read our Canon 80D review, is this the camera for you? The Canon 80D has improved on previous models in the series in some important aspects, not least of all image quality. We welcome the new 24mp sensor which puts it on a more even playing field with it’s rivals from Nikon and Sony. The added resolution while not that noticeable and certainly not a deal breaker is always welcome. What we like most about the new sensor is the improved dynamic range and the roughly 1 stop of extra high ISO performance. More importantly it allows 80% of...

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Canon 80D Review – Auto Focus and Image quality

Canon 80D Review – Auto Focus The closest rivals to the Canon 80D are Canon’s own top of the line APS-C 7D MK II and Nikon’s D7200. While the Canon 80D can’t compete with the 7d mk II’s 10fps shooting speed it does get quite close at 7fps. Is this good enough to negate the need to splash out more cash on the 7d MK II. It also offers a 1 fps advantage over the Nikon D7200 so is it better for rapid shooting than its Nikon rival. Also of interest is that the 80D now offers a 45...

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Canon 80D Review

  Welcome to our Canon EOS 80D review. The Canon EOS 80D is a mid range DSLR featuring a new 24mp APS-C sensor, 7 FPS continuous shooting along with a 45 point AF system and full HD 1080/60p video. The Canon 80D comes about 3 years after the 70d which is in line with Canon’s standard release schedule with XXD bodies. The Canon 80D is a step up from entry level cameras offering a more fully featured body and better build construction for those seeking more control while not wanting the size, weight and cost of professional DSLR’s. The...

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Fuji X100T Review – Long term User report

In this Fuji X100T review I’ll talk about how I have found this camera in real World use having used it for nearly two years. The Fuji X100T builds on the previous success of the  X100 and X100s series with the same 16mp X-Trans sensor, a fixed 23mm f/2 lens (35mm equivalent focal length), aperture control ring and lots of physical dials for a rewarding range finder style shooting experience. The Fuji 100T was announced in September 2014 and we have been using it for general shooting and travel photography since its release date. In our Fuji X100T review...

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